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1 March, 2021

Turn visitors into satisfied customers with BON Loyalty – Various earning and redeeming options are waiting for you to discover!

Every store owner’s ultimate goal when beginning a business is to earn a profit, boost repeat purchases, and keep their business running strong for a long time. It is great for achieving this goal by creating a special connection between you and your customer, ensuring that they will return next time. It’s not easy to convert a visitor into a long-term customer. You must ensure that your customers have a good time while they are with you. BON was created to help you overcome these challenges by accompanying you on your quest to win customers’ love and turn them into your store’s best friends.

Unlock new ways to attract more visitors to your website#

People trust recommendations and reviews more than traditional ads. You may use the referral program functionality in BON Loyalty to improve brand recognition by leveraging your customers as your company’s champions. Other marketing tactics can also help you save a lot of money on customer acquisition.

Turn one-time visitors into long-term clients#

Customers who buy from you repeatedly spend more money on each transaction. Customers who are loyal are more inclined to repurchase, refer others, and try a new product. After you’ve successfully increased the number of visitors to your store, you can use BON to earn and redeem points to improve consumer engagement. These alternatives will encourage your clients to make a second purchase in order to receive prizes in exchange for points, resulting in them becoming your loyal customers.

Strengthen your relationship with your consumers#

Your consumers will feel valued and appreciated if you have a decent loyalty program in place. A value-added loyalty program can shorten the loyalty life cycle. You may quickly begin creating your own loyalty program right now; we offer a simple, time-saving setup process that takes only 3 minutes.

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