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New earning rules: Follow & Share on LinkedIn

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22 April, 2021
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Why LinkedIn points is important?#

Social media is a vital part of business marketing. It is a great way to reach new audiences and engage with customers. Knowing that importance, we have already had Social media points earning rules, which help you drive traffic to social media pages through websites. With those earning rules, customers are encouraged to visit the store’s social media page and interact with your brand. LinkedIn is also a preferred social media platform for businesses to build trust and promote brand personality. Giving customers points when they interact with your LinkedIn could bring a significant amount of traffic to your page. Therefore, giving customers an overview of your brand story with engaging content.

How LinkedIn points works?#

BON Loyalty app has already had earning points actions related to Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, or Twitter. We are happy to announce that Follow on LinkedIn and Share on LinkedIn features are available now. Now your customers can earn points when they follow your LinkedIn or share a specific post on their LinkedIn. You could easily set it up by going to Earn points tab and clicking on the edit icon of Follow on LinkedIn or Share on LinkedIn.

Follow on LinkedIn

Share on LinkedIn

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