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New updates: Enable/disable loyalty program status
10 May, 2022
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30 May, 2022
Vip tiers


Studies show that existing customers spend 31% more on average than new customers. Acknowledge the importance, more and more businesses start using loyalty programs to reward customers and keep them loyal. But did you know how to uplift your current loyalty program? One solution is to set tiers for your customers and encourage them to reach higher tiers with better benefits.

What is VIP Tiers program?#

VIP Tiers program is a type of loyalty program that gives separate tiers of customers different benefits and rewards.

This feature allows you to bring exclusivity and make your customers feel special. Once your customers understand which benefits they can get when reaching the higher tiers, they could be motivated to earn more points or spend more money to attain the next tiers and become a member of an exclusive group. Therefore, it could strengthen the connection between your brand and your customers.

How does VIP Tiers program work?#

The tiers program in BON is a hierarchy system, store owners will set a specific number of tiers their customers could achieve and the benefits for each tier. The higher tiers will receive more benefits. These tiers classify your customers according to the amount of money they have spent or the number of points earned. Store owners could choose if the tiers will exist forever or be reset every year.

Why do you need a VIP Tiers program?#

1. Segment your customers

VIP Tiers could make it easier for you to segment your customers and prioritize some particular segments. You could probably know that it’s more expensive to acquire new customers than to keep existing ones. With VIP Tiers, you can quickly realize who is your most valuable customers to keep them loyal by giving them exclusive benefits such as pre-order new collections or multiplying points received for completing an order.

2. Maximize customer lifetime value

Giving customers exclusive perks could make your customers feel valued and responsible to spend more. When your customers realize that they could have reasonable rewards, benefits, or special offers from your business, they might tend toward buying from your brand instead of your competitors. As a result, VIP Tiers program could increase the average amount of money spent by your customers over time, which is also known as customer lifetime value.

How to set up a successful VIP Tiers program#

Please go to Customers > VIP Tiers to start using the feature.

You can easily set up VIP Tiers program with 4 steps:

Step 1: Configure Tier settings
Step 2: Add Tiers in Tier list section
Step 3: Enable VIP Tiers email notification
Step 4: Enable VIP Tier status

You could read the detailed instructions for 4 steps here.

We expect this improvement could bring you a better experience with BON. If you have any questions regarding this topic, we are always ready to help via live chat or email at

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