New updates: Enable/disable loyalty program status

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5 April, 2022
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New feature: VIP Tiers
19 May, 2022
enable/disable program status for your loyalty and reward program

1. What is Program status?#

Have you ever wanted to find a way to pause all running programs or just to buy a little more time to properly edit your rewards and loyalty program before officially launching to your storefront? You can temporarily pause your rewards and loyalty programs by turning off the Program Status switch while you are editing your current rules so that your customers will not be affected by the changes.  

2. How does it work?#

Normally, the program status is enabled as a default setting when you install BON, however, you can turn off the switch to carefully set up your earning rules before publishing the widget to your storefront.  When program status is turned off, all functions of loyalty and rewards programs will be stopped for all customers. The widget on your storefront will also be turned off as well.  In case you intend to make changes to the running program, you can easily disable the Program Status, then re-enable it when the setup is finished.
program status switch for BON Loyalty program

3. Why do we need it?#

In the past, we only offered users the ability to turn on and off the widget, which means you can only hide the widget from your storefront while your rewards and loyalty program is still operating in the background.  Realizing users need to pause all rewards and loyalty programs for multiple reasons, we added the option to turn off the program status so that you can have more control over your BON programs and best serve your customers. 

Note: If the widget is turned off, customers performing actions such as “Create an account” or “Complete an order” are still able to earn points according to your rules. However, turning off the Program Status will disable all point earning rules as well as hide the widget from your online store at the same time.

4. How to turn off Program status?#

When you log in to BON app, from the Dashboard, you can easily find the button to enable/disable the Program status at the top left corner of the sidebar. This button will also be apparent on every tab you refer to for a quick adjustment.

Note: To turn off the widget while keeping your loyalty program’s status active, please refer to the Settings tab, and the Widget Status button is the first thing you see, right on top.

show and hide widget BON Loyalty

We expect this improvement could bring you a better experience with BON. If you have any questions regarding this topic, we are always ready to help via live chat or email at