New updates: Hide on mobile

New updates: Multiple languages for icon title
15 September, 2021
New updates: Optimizing the mechanism of BON’s referral program
5 April, 2022

Why hide on mobile feature is important?#

Showing the loyalty widget on mobile can sometimes make customers’ experience not fully satisfied. For example, you install different apps to improve customers’ purchasing experience in your store. Therefore, there are many floating buttons in your online store. It can be hard for customers to scroll on your online store.

How to enable the Hide on mobile feature?#

We are happy to announce the Hide on mobile feature. Now you can hide the loyalty widget on mobile. Simply go to Appearance > Theme and enable the Hide on mobile button. Enable the Hide on mobile feature means the launcher will display on large desktop screens but will be hidden on mobile screens.

You can disable the feature and show the loyalty widget on mobile whenever you want.

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