New updates: Optimizing the mechanism of BON’s referral program

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26 March, 2022
enable/disable program status for your loyalty and reward program
New updates: Enable/disable loyalty program status
10 May, 2022

What is a referral program?#

A referral program (or called word-of-mouth marketing) is a marketing strategy that encourages existing customers to recommend a brand to their family and friends in exchange for rewards (mainly loyalty points or discount coupons).

How BON’s referral program currently runs#

At the moment, when visitors become members of your loyalty program, our system generates a referral link for each of them, which they can use to refer their friends. Once the friends successfully sign up for your program using the referral links, BON recognizes the referral has been completed and gives rewards to both customers and friends.

Why do we change its mechanism?#

Since the launch of BON, we’ve received a lot of suggestions from you about the referral program, as the current mechanism may have vulnerabilities for cheating. Therefore, we decided to develop this mechanism so that our referral program can be a more powerful tool for you to grow your customer list and increase sales.

What is the new mechanism we use for BON’s referral program?#

From Jan 11th, 2022, when your customers refer their friends to your loyalty program, their friends have to successfully sign up for the program and place at least 1 order in your store, so that both customers and friends can get rewards. Please note that you need to fulfill the order’s status from Shopify Admin first. This new mechanism will help you to prevent cheating, as customers now have to spend their money in order to make the referral count. At the same time, it will also bring sales for you immediately.

We expect this improvement could bring you a better experience with BON. If you have any questions regarding this topic, we are always ready to help via live chat or email at