New updates: Point expiration

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18 June, 2021
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28 August, 2021

What is Point expiration?#

Point expiration is a new feature in BON Loyalty app, which allows store owners to set points to expire after a period of inactivity.

Why do we need Point expiration?#

In our recent survey about problems store owners frequently met when using a loyalty program, 39% of respondents said that their customers registered to be program members but did not interact with the program to earn/redeem points.

As a customer, if we are not given a time limit for using points, we could never redeem a coupon until we want to buy something from the store. However, people always have a fear of losing what they have possessed. Based on this fear, we could give them time restrictions on their points to motivate them to interact with the loyalty program.

How to set Point expiration?#

We are excited to announce Point expiration features. Now you can easily set time for points by going to Settings > Point expiration. Your customers’ points will automatically be reset to zero after a period of inactivity.

Learn more about point expiration.

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