4 April, 2023

Why small businesses should create Customer Loyalty Programs

What are Customer Loyalty Programs Customer Loyalty Programs definition: Customer loyalty programs are special programs designed by businesses to encourage customers to return and make repeat […]
31 March, 2023

The importance of brand loyalty in international marketing

What is international marketing? International marketing (IM) is the process of promoting and selling products and services across national borders. The field started in the late […]
24 March, 2023

How does social media marketing affect brand loyalty?

Advantages of social media in loyalty marketing Social media interactivity can have a significant impact on brand loyalty. When a brand actively engages with its followers […]
22 March, 2023

The Marketing Funnel: All you need to know about loyalty stage

What is a marketing funnel? For a long time, marketers and salesmen have approached the customer base on the marketing funnel. It represents the different steps […]
20 February, 2023

Top 4 loyalty program benefits for online business

The most significant advantages of loyalty programs for online business in 2023 with recommended apps
14 February, 2023

5 Tips to give the best loyalty program name for your rewards.

Choosing a loyalty program name is a crucial step, a creative rewards points name is able to win the hearts of most customers