BON vs Growave
Building a powerful loyalty program without worrying about order limitations

BON vs Growave

Enjoy your unlimited order limitations for only $99/month

While Growave charges the same monthly fee and only allows 1000 orders, BON charges $99 for the option of unlimited orders.  Don’t let order limitations limit you when choosing suitable plans for your loyalty program.

Much more program branding customization options to discover

In order to build an effective powerful program, good point-earning and point-redemption strategies are not enough. A beautiful, eye-catching widget is a must to capture your customer’s attention, and attract them to click & use your reward program. It’s a pity that Growave completely sleeps on this part.

The widget customization setting in Growave stops at choosing general colors. With BON, you can do so many more: add a banner, text color, hide/show illustrations, add an icon, etc. To unlock all available customization options, you can choose to use “Lite” plan ($15/month).

Multiple displayed languages on your store front end

If your store sells in multiple countries, this exclusive feature is designed especially for you. Imagine customers from all countries around the world can be able to view your loyalty program in their native languages, at the same time.

While Rivo only allows you to use fixed translations, BON allows you to customize all languages you want to translate using your own text. You can even set up more than 250 languages running simultaneously.


Create your own loyalty page

A loyalty page is the desired feature that a lot of merchants dream of. Rather than just a small widget popping up at the corner of your screen, a separate page on your store is definitely much more eye-catching. Having your reward program showcased as a big full page also make it easier for the program’s display to match your store branding. The customization process is fun – lots of parts can be personalized: colors, texts, and fonts.

While Growave does not offer you this amazing feature, you only need $15/month to have a loyalty page on your store front end, with BON.

Switch from Growave to BON now!