BON vs Rivo
BON Loyalty - A high quality product at affordable price

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Unlimited orders Does not offer $99/month
Subscribe to newsletter earning rule Does not offer $15/month
Complete profile earning rule Does not offer Free plan
Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn earning rules Does not offer Free plan
Advanced features
VIP Tiers $189/month $99/month
Point expiration $189/month $15/month
Reward expiration $189/month $15/month
Displayed languages 1 display language at a time 250+ displayed languages
at the same time

Why BON over Rivo?

Have unlimited order limitations for only $99/month

While you have to pay even $349/month but still have order limitations in Rivo, BON gives you the unlimited orders option for just $99/month. Don’t let order limitations limit you when choosing suitable plans for your loyalty program.

Point & reward expiry in a more affordable price

When there is no expiry date, customers have no immediate reason to earn/redeem points, and maybe they will not make a purchase in the near future. Point & reward expiry creates an urgency for customers to purchase before the expiry date happens. In this way, customers are motivated to earn more & spend more and then become repeat customers.

With BON, you can have both advanced features for $15/month, meanwhile, you have to pay $189/month for the same features in Rivo.

Multiple displayed languages on your store front end

If your store sells in multiple countries, this exclusive feature is designed especially for you. Imagine customers from all countries around the world can be able to view your loyalty program in their native languages, at the same time.

While Rivo only allows you to use fixed translations, BON allows you to customize all languages you want to translate using your own text. You can even set up more than 250 languages running simultaneously.

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