BON vs LoyaltyLion
BON Loyalty - A more cost-effective solution for your loyalty program

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Unlimited orders Does not offer $99/month
Referral program Enhancement for $15/month to unlock Free plan
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram earning rules Enhancement for $19/month to unlock Free plan
Customizations & Branding
Program branding Only have options to choose
primary and secondary color
A lot more customization
options from free plan
Email branding Enhancement for $59/month $25/month with more
Loyalty page $729/month $25/month
Remove app brandmark $729/month Free plan
Advanced features
VIP Tiers $729/month $99/month
Point expiration $399/month $25/month
Displayed languages 1 display language at a time 250+ displayed languages
at the same time

Why BON over LoyaltyLion?

A fully-feature free plan with no extra costs

In LoyaltyLion, the Free plan limits a lot of features you can use. Want to have a referral program? Extra $15/month. Want to have the “Follow on Instagram” earning rule? Extra $19/month. It can be troublesome.

Rather than paying little by little, you can spend $25/month on a loyalty program with advanced features and settings in BON. On the other hand, BON’s free plan already has every necessary thing for you to set up a usable, simple yet effective program.

Save your budget with affordable VIP Tiers

VIP perks are an amazing way to enhance your customer experience with your brand, and cherish them with special treatments. A great VIP system gives your most loyal customers a good reason to come back and strengthens the bond between you and them. As a result, VIP Tiers are one of the most-wanted features in a loyalty program.

While in LoyaltyLion, you have to spend $729/month for this feature, with BON, VIP perks come with a much more affordable price: $99.

Create your own loyalty page with BON for only $25/month

A loyalty page is the desired feature that a lot of merchants dream of. Rather than just a small widget popping up at the corner of your screen, a separate page on your store is definitely much more eye-catching. Having your reward program showcased as a big full page also make it easier for the program’s display to match your store branding. The customization process is fun – lots of parts can be personalized: colors, texts, and fonts.

While LoyaltyLion does not offer you this amazing feature, you only need $25/month to have a loyalty page on your store front end, with BON.

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