13 December, 2023

Leave a review – Judgeme.io

Rewarding customers for leaving a review, with Judge.me app Rewarding customers for leaving a review can have several benefits for your business: increasing the review volume, […]
18 October, 2023

BON Loyalty Widget and SPA

BON Loyalty Widget and Single Page Application(SPA)   One of the issue with SPA(Single Page Application) is the website does not refresh after user authenticated(login/register). Our […]
15 April, 2023

VIP tags

Create tags for VIP customers in BON Loyalty Implementing tags for your VIP customers enables you to recognize, incentivize, and maintain your most valuable patrons. Merchants […]
15 April, 2023

Free Product

Free Product redeeming option Customers can exchange their earned points for a Free Product discount code – which can be applied to one specific product only. […]
15 April, 2023

VIP Program

VIP Program setting up instruction BON Loyalty’s VIP program offers exclusive perks and benefits for your most loyal customers. This feature is available in our Growth […]
15 April, 2023

Combining discounts

Combining discounts in BON Offering discounts is a popular strategy to entice shoppers and increase sales. However, a single discount might not be enough to capture […]
15 April, 2023

VIP Program feature overview

VIP Program feature overview A VIP program in BON is a reward program designed to recognize and reward the most loyal and valuable customers of your […]
15 April, 2023

Percentage Discount

Percentage Discount redeem option Percentage discount is one of the most effective promotion strategies to attract customers and increase sales. Offering a certain percentage off the […]
15 April, 2023

Amount Discount

Amount Discount redeem option In BON Loyalty, you can set up many automatic points redeeming options for your customers to exchange points to. One of the […]