Set Up A Loyalty Program

28 February, 2023

Post-purchase page

How to set up a post purchase page for your store Displaying information about BON loyalty program on a post-purchase page serves several strategic purposes in […]
1 November, 2022

How currency is processed in BON

How currency is processed in BON One of the most popular ways to earn points in loyalty programs, like BON, is by completing an order. To […]
9 June, 2022

How to use BON for POS system

Using POS to reward customers in-store You can reward your customers who place an order in-store using Shopify POS. There are 2 types of POS rewards: […]
26 April, 2022

Point recommendation strategy

5 Key Steps to Set Up a Successful Point Reward System The heart of a successful loyalty program is motivation, and nothing speaks louder than points. […]
19 April, 2022

Refunded orders

How BON processes refunded orders BON Loyalty was designed to incentivize repeat purchases and reward loyal customers for their continuing purchases. However, in the case of […]
19 April, 2022

Understand customer actions

Understand customer actions Wonder how your reward program works from your customers’ perspective? We will give you the insight of your customers point of view in […]
19 April, 2022

Overview instruction

Overview setting up instruction The loyalty program has become a must-have tool to retain customers, reach sustainable business growth, and differentiate your business from others in a competitive marketplace. In […]