15 November, 2022

Delete Customers and Exclude Customers

Delete Customers and Exclude Customers 1. Delete customers Delete customer is the action which wipes off customer’s data from the BON Loyalty program. To delete customer, […]
26 April, 2022

Import data

Import customer data BON’s import customer feature allows you to import data from your previous loyalty apps and adjust customers point in bulk easily. To import, […]
26 April, 2022

Manage customer’s profile in BON

Manage your customer profile in BON In order to evaluate your program’s performance, and how customers use your loyalty program, you can track all customers’ activity […]
26 April, 2022

Customer data

Manage your customer data in BON After installing BON to your store, BON’s system will sync all the customer information from Shopify. Therefore, all your customer […]