26 April, 2022

Import customer data via CSV file

Import customer data via CSV file Manually adjust customer points and transfer from one platform to BON with a CSV file Note: Import customer data via […]
26 April, 2022

Exclude customers from the program

Exclude customers from the program To exclude customers from your list: From the Dashboard, go to Customers to view the list Click on the account that you want to […]
26 April, 2022

Adjust customer point balance

Adjust customer point balance Besides giving your customers various chances to earn points, one great way to strengthen the bond between your store and your customers […]
26 April, 2022

Manage your customers’ activities

Manage your customers’ activities In order to evaluate your reward program’s performance to make suitable improvements, you can use Bon Loyalty to track the activities of […]
26 April, 2022

Shopify status explained

Shopify status explained How enabled, disabled, invited, and declined Shopify customer statuses are defined Introduction # In the Customers tab of BON loyalty admin, you will see Shopify status column […]
26 April, 2022

Manage your customer list

Manage your customer list When you install the app, the customers’ accounts from Shopify will be automatically synchronized to BON loyalty. New creating accounts are also […]
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