Redeem Points

15 April, 2023

Amount Discount

Amount Discount redeem option In BON Loyalty, you can set up many automatic points redeeming options for your customers to exchange points to. One of the […]
15 April, 2023

Percentage Discount

Percentage Discount redeem option Percentage discount is one of the most effective promotion strategies to attract customers and increase sales. Offering a certain percentage off the […]
15 April, 2023

Combining discounts

Combining discounts in BON Offering discounts is a popular strategy to entice shoppers and increase sales. However, a single discount might not be enough to capture […]
15 April, 2023

Free Product

Free Product redeeming option Customers can exchange their earned points for a Free Product discount code – which can be applied to one specific product only. […]
26 April, 2022

How to set up free shipping reward

Free Shipping discount option What is a Free Shipping discount code? As shipping costs can often be a significant factor in a customer’s decision to buy, […]
25 April, 2022

Redeem points tab overview

Redeem Points tab overview BON Loyalty provides many attractive reward options available in your loyalty program. With the accumulated points, customers can redeem them to obtain […]